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We’re impartial and independent, and every day we create distinctive, content which informs, educates, and entertain people around the world.

The establishing reason of The Journal Press News is this: if acceptable news coverage is to endure and flourish, it can just do as such by being both editorially and monetarily autonomous. This implies depending primarily on commitments from perusers and concerned residents who have no interest other than to support a space for quality news coverage.

The Journal Press News will be immovably dedicated to the public interest and popularity based qualities. Aside from giving definitive examination and discourse, the point, as our assets develop, is to assemble ourselves as a stage driven by ordinary covering issues of public and worldwide significance and interest. Being on the web likewise implies utilizing new media advances to change the manner in which stories are told. With information and intelligent diagrams, video and sound as necessary pieces of the story structure when justified.

We start today on an unassuming note, obliged not by our vision but rather by our assets. Meanwhile, we simplify an allure: read us, offer and tweet our substance, and send us your input.



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