Biden overturned Trump’s decisions

Joe Biden came into action soon after becoming America’s 46 president. On the very first day of his tenure, he overturned Donald Trump’s many important foreign policies and national security decisions by signing 17 executive orders. Joe Biden arrived at the oval office of the white house a few hours after taking the oath of office on Wednesday and signed 17 executive orders and announcements. During this, he told reporters that he would sign many more such executive orders in the coming days. Biden overturned Donald Trump’s decisions. 

Joe Biden

Joe Biden, through an order, stayed the process of US separation from WHO. Also, the country’s special doctor on infection diseases asked Anthony Fasi to attend the annual meeting of this health agency. Trump had cut its funding in April, accusing the WHO of acting under pressure from China and ordering the US to withdraw from the global health agency. The president has ordered the united states to rejoin the Paris climate accord. The Trump administration separated the US from the deal in November last. Donald Trump had termed the deal as benefiting China, Russia, and India.

Biden Pledges To Fix America Global Alliance

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Joe Biden also overturned Trump’s order prohibiting people from many Muslim and African countries from visiting the united states. Trump imposed this ban in the year 2017. Apart from this, Biden has also banned the construction of walls on the US – Mexico border. The move was taken by Trump to stop the illegal entry of refugees into the US. The new president of America has taken several steps to remove discrimination. He has announced financial assistance to the people affected by the epidemic and postponed the loan installment till September. Biden also rescinded the move promoting nationalist education. Biden overturned Donald Trump’s decisions.

Biden Pledges To Fix America Global Alliance

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