Biden sent an immigration bill to Parliament

The new US president Joe Biden sent the immigration bill to parliament on Wednesday. This bill on immigration proposes extensive reforms. These reforms can open the path to citizenship for millions of immigrants living in America. 5 lakh Indians can also benefit. This bill, called the US citizenship Act of 2021, also proposes to abolish the quota set for every country for green cards. The move could benefit millions of Indian IT Professionals. They have been waiting for a green card for years. Getting this card gives the right to permanently escape and work in America. The bill also advocates giving H-1b visa holders the right to work for dependent people. A large number of Indian IT professionals work on this visa in the US. It is estimated that about 1.1 crore people live in the US without any documents. 5 lakh Indians are also said among them. If the resolution is passed, such people can find a way to get citizenship. Biden sent an immigration bill to Parliament. The US Citizenship Act modernizes our immigration system.

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Indo-US relationship possibilities less challenge

US Citizenship Act 2021, US democracy, US politics, Joe Biden, Indo-US relations,

With the beginning of the Biden era, the whole world, including the American public, is waiting for tomorrow. India is also assessing its mood swings with this new Nizam. According to experts who keep a close watch on the relationship between the two countries, the trade relations between India and the US can become stronger. In all global forums, America stamp can benefit in favor of India because new America has become India’s largest business partner. Hence, the pharma industry here can also benefit in this era of the epidemic.

Biden overturned Trump’s decisions

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