Farmer’s organizations rejected the proposal

The central government proposal for a moratorium on the implementation of new agricultural laws for a year and a half had raised hopes of ending the deadlock. Farmer’s organizations turned the water on him on Thursday, the proposal from the organizations was rejected after a long debate. They are adamant about their old demand for a minimum support price guarantee with the return of laws. Actually, this feeling has become strong in them somewhere. If the government stays for a few more days, the government will stop. In such a situation, the eyes will again go to the supreme court, on the other hand, the committee constituted by the supreme court has also started knowing the views of all the parties from Thursday.

Farmer's organizations reject the proposal

In the 10th round of meeting on Wednesday, the government was proposed to postpone the implementation of the three agricultural laws for a year and a half and form a joint committee. Farmer’s organizations rejected the proposal. It was proposed to make representatives of both the parties members in the committee Farmer’s leaders reacted positively to this proposal of the government on Wednesday, but they retracted on Thursday. This approach of the farmer organizations has taken a step ahead of the government efforts to solve the problem. This has increased the possibility of stalemate. Preparations were going on to move forward on the proposal of the government in the Ministry of Agriculture. So that it can be implemented in the meeting on Friday. However, no decision has yet been made on this decision of the Farmer’s leaders from the government. The Farmer’s organizations made it clear that they are not happy with¬†the proposal¬†given by the government to hold laws for one and half years. The 56th day of the peasant movement was full of hope and possibilities.

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