Farmer’s protest ninth rounds of talks have failed

Laid siege to Delhi against agriculture laws for about 2 months. The central government has taken a step to stop the farmer’s protest. The government has proposed to the farmer’s organizations that it will not implement any laws for one and a half years. Meanwhile, a special committee will consider their every demand. Farmer’s protest ninth rounds of talks have failed.

Farmer's protest

Farmer’s organizations, which have been adamant on the demand for the repeal of agricultural laws and also rejected the ban imposed by the supreme court on new laws, have decided to consider the government’s proposal. Farmer’s organizations will decide in this regard after talking to each other Thursday. After this, another round of talks will be held between the farmer’s organizations and the government at Vigyan Bhawan on Friday. It is believed that some farmer organizations are trying to put more pressure on the government, but most of the organizations have decided to cancel the movement.

The deadlock seems to be breaking in the tenth round of talks between farmer’s organizations and the government on Wednesday. The meeting lasted for about 4 hours, with the repeated tee breaks. It was believed that some solution would be found. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said about the stand of farmer organizations in the proposal put forward by the government. The government is willing to postpone the implementation of 3 new laws for a year and a half. During this time a solution will be found in the talks between the representatives of farmer’s organizations and the government. Although there was a lot of heating Wednesday’s talks too, in the talks,

Delhi Farmer's protest

Tomar said that the government is ready to address every doubt of the agitating peasant leaders. He told the farmer’s representatives that Tomar’s statement was taken seriously by the farmer’s representatives even if they need time to consider various aspects of the reform is agitating on the Delhi border. To end this, the government is constantly talking but in front of the insistence of the farmer’s organizations, Farmer’s protest Ninth rounds of talks have failed.

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