India-China talks on Eastern Ladakh

Before talks between India and China on East Ladakh, soldiers of both countries have fought in Nathula of Sikkim. The army issued a statement on Monday and said. On 20 January, there was a minor skirmish between the soldiers of the two countries in North Sikkim. Local commanders of both armies settled the dispute under the protocol set. According to sources, Chinese soldiers tried to infiltrate Indian territory while patrolling. He was telling Nathula his territory. Chinese troops began a scuffle when stopped. Indian troops drove out Chinese soldiers. It is said that no stones or weapons were used during this period some soldiers on both sides have been injured in this skirmish, but the younger one is not serious. On the Nathula incident, China’s foreign ministry said that our military is dedicated to maintaining peace along the border. India should avoid any such unilateral step which makes the situation worse. On 9 May last year, there was a clash between India and Chinese soldiers in Nathula. In this, both he and some soldiers were injured. The emphasis was on the soldiers to follow the talk for 16 hours. India-China talks on Eastern Ladakh. Talks being held at Moldo border point on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh.

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The removal of troops from the standoff points in eastern Ladakh was discussed in detail for nearly 16 hours between the armies of India and China. The corps commander level talks started at around 10:30 AM on Sunday morning and ended at around 2:30 PM on Monday. India described the meeting as being in a positive environment, but no result came out on the LAC deadlock. India-China talks on Eastern Ladakh. The meeting took place on behalf of the Chinese on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in East Ladakh. The statement issued by the Ministry of Defence said that both sides agreed that the ninth round of talks was positive. This will increase mutual trust and understanding. Both sides agree to soon try to repel the troops on the front line. Both sides agreed only On the agreement between the politicians of the countries. The conversation should continue. The tenth round corps commander meeting will be held soon to reduce tension. According to people familiar with the talks, insisted that it is up to china to take forward the process of repelling troops from deadlocked locations in the region and reduce tension. Around 50,000 Indian troops are stationed in the mountainous regions of Eastern Ladakh.

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