America reviews the political landscape of Myanmar

America reviews the political landscape of Myanmar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted military coup. America has once again strongly condemned the removal of the elected government in Myanmar. The US has said that it is a military coup. US State Department Spokesman Ned Price told reporters that the US was deeply concerned about the detention of all leaders, including State Counselor Aung Sang-Soo. He said that after reviewing the incident, we assess that the removal of the head of the elected government is akin to military action or a military coup.

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He has strongly condemned the military coup. He said that this assessment is based on the facts and circumstances of political turmoil in Myanmar. Myanmar’s army overthrew ruling party leader Aung Song and President Vin Mint. Price said that we have looked at these parameters that the way an elected government has been ousted by the military is a military coup. The military has played a pivotal role in this. Prior to this, the United States had called for sanctions against military generals in Myanmar when the military overthrew political power. The US warned that if the Myanmar army did not withdraw its steps, the Biden administration would take strict action on it. The United States is keeping a close watch on the entire incident in Myanmar, calling for sanctions against Myanmar’s military generals. After this warning from the US, the Security Council also gave its response to all-round pressure on the Myanmar army. The United Nations has also strongly condemned the coup in Myanmar. America reviews the political landscape of Myanmar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted military coup.

Let me tell you that the Myanmar army has detained several leaders including Aung Sang Suu Kyi. Along with this, soldiers have been deployed on the streets of many cities of the country. The communication system is limited. In 2011, military rule came to an end after five decades. In 2015, Aung Sang’s National Lean for Democracy NLD Party led the country after a fair vote. On February 1, the party was to begin its second term, but hours before the first session of Parliament, several politicians including Aung Song were arrested.

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