Austin-Rajnath agreed to give strategic cooperation a new height

The way in which cooperation between India and the United States has increased in the defense sector is not seen in the current era between any two countries. In the bilateral talks between US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin and Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday’s visit to India, it was agreed to give strategic cooperation a new height. It has also been agreed that the cooperation of the Indian Army will be strengthened with the Asia-Pacific and African Command of America as well as with the Central Command. The Central Command of the US Army monitors the entire Gulf region as well as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asian countries. Austin-Rajnath agreed to give strategic cooperation a new height.

Austin-Rajnath agreed to give strategic cooperation a new height

Pakistan may be troubled by military cooperation between India and the United States

Close military cooperation between the US and India has been established in the Indo-Pacific region and now the partnership with the Central Command can increase the activities of the Indian Army with the US Army in the entire Gulf region. Pakistan, already skeptical about the military cooperation of India and the United States, maybe more worried about this cooperation. This cooperation also means that the Indian Army will have more information about all the 20 countries under Central Command, including Pakistan, Afghanistan.

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Indo-US committed to make Indo-Pacific region equal opportunity for all: Rajnath

In a joint press conference after bilateral talks with US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, “We want to work towards harnessing the full potential of the India-US global strategic partnership.” We talked about bilateral and multilateral military exercises. We have agreed to increase cooperation with the Indo Pacific Command, Central Command, and Africa Command of the US. We agree that there is immense potential for cooperation and partnership between the defense industries of the two countries. We are both committed to making the Indo-Pacific region open and equal opportunity for all. We will continue to work to make the India-American partnership the strongest partnership of the 21st century.

Austin said- We are committed to a defense partnership with India

Austin began his speech by expressing grief over the recent death of an Indian Air Force pilot who lost his life in an accident. Describing the conversation with Rajnath Singh as meaningful, he said, ‘I express my commitment to all my partners on behalf of the Biden-Harris administration. India is particularly an important partner in a rapidly changing international environment. We are also committed to a broad and future-ready defense partnership with India. Austin-Rajnath agreed to give strategic cooperation a new height.

Indo-US hold the same view in the Indo-Pacific region

Right now, India and the United States are working for the free Indo-Pacific region due to the global epidemic and the challenges arising out of the established international order. We hold the same viewpoint in the Indo-Pacific region. This partnership has great importance in establishing law and order in the world. We have talked about all the possibilities related to the Indo-US defense partnership. We have also talked about the possibility of including other like-minded countries under the Quad. ‘

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