Jordanian army detained Prince Hamza

Jordan is one of the countries in the world where the royal family rules. This year did not end well for the Jordanian royal family. He has faced many problems. After all, who is Prince Hamza? Why is the Jordanian army under house arrest? After the military coup in Myanmar, the Jordanian army has dramatically detained Prince Hamza. However, the Jordanian army, like Myanmar, had previously denied Prince Hamza being under house arrest. Why America is worried about political instability in Jordan.

Jordanian army detained Prince Hamza

Who is Prince Hamza

Hamza is the eldest son of the late King Hussein of Jordan and his favorite wife, Queen Noor. He was very dear to the late King Hussein. This can be gauged from the fact that King Hussain used to call Hamza a relaxed eye. The title was conferred on Crown Prince Hamza of Jordan in the year 1999. At the time of King Hussein’s death, he was considered inexperienced for the monarchy. Therefore, when he became the successor to King Hussein, a variety of questions were also raised. After this, King Abdullah assumed the throne of Jordan. Abdullah took away the title of Crown Prince of Hamza in the year 2004. This was a major setback for Maharani Noor, who wanted to see her son as King of Jordan.

Condemnation of the government cost Hamza

Jordan is one of the few countries in the world where the monarchical system still prevails. The crisis is not new to the Jordanian royal family. However, after the Corona epidemic, these problems have come to the fore in the Jordanian monarchy.
Indeed, the provisions of Lockdan to stop the spread of the coronavirus completely wiped out the country’s economy. Jordan is going through a crisis. Prince Hamza blamed the system for this. He has accused his government of corruption, nepotism, and incompetence. He was placed under house arrest after the government’s condemnation.

He has said in one of his videos that there is fear in the country at the moment. Intelligence police are arresting anyone who condemns the government. He said that his staff has also been arrested. He said that his family has been placed under house arrest. All their means of communication have been banned.
In addition to the Corona epidemic, the problem of refugees in Jordan has also played a major role in the economic system of the country. Jordan has a large number of refugees. In fact, after the civil war in Syria, this problem of Jordan has become very serious. A large number of citizens from Syria have taken refuge in Jordan. Jordanian army detained Prince Hamza.

Jordan’s political instability worries America

America must have been worried by the political instability in Jordan. Indeed, Jordan is a major US ally in Central Asia. He is also a major strategic partner of the US in Central Asia. He helps the American army in the security operation. He is a major ally in the American campaign against the Islamic State in Central Asia. However, the US has not yet responded to this.

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