Long process in Senate after impeachment on Trump

Long process in Senate after impeachment on Trump. There is one week left for an impeachment hearing against former US President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has urged members of his Democratic Party in the Senate to keep the hearing of Trump’s impeachment short in the Upper House. After all, what is the big reason behind Biden’s insistence? What is Biden’s political strategy? Let us know how the political advisor takes this statement of his.

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Why Biden does not want a long process in Senate after the impeachment of Trump.

Reason -1

Pro. Harsh Pant says that in fact, the graph of popularity of former President Trump is growing rapidly in America. In such a situation, Biden does not want to increase the tendency of partition or separation in the country due to impeachment. The incidence of segregation in the US has increased rapidly since the last year of racial violence in America. In such a situation, his first priority is to unite the whole of America. Biden knows that if the process of impeachment of Trump is prolonged, it can also disturb the political environment of the country. It would not be good for the law system of the American. This may lead to a new conflict. Therefore, he has appealed to his colleagues to keep its duration short.

Reason -2

Pro. Harsh Pant says that the newly elected President of the United States of America, Biden, maybe thinking that his impeachment may be behind if the impeachment process in the Senate goes on for a long time. Therefore, he does not want impeachment to be his agenda. After the Corona epidemic, his urge to bring America back into the world’s number one category will be necessary. In such a situation, he does not want to waste his time and the Senate for impeachment. Secondly, Biden knows that there are equal numbers of both political parties in the Senate. If the process of impeachment continues for a long time, a tense atmosphere will arise between Republican and Democratic Party leaders. The support of Republicans in the Senate will be needed to pass many of Biden’s laws as President. So he does not want to offend the Republicans who favor Trump.


After the motion for impeachment went to the Senate, President Biden assumed that it would not pass in the Upper House. Before this, Biden believed that the Republican Party members would support him in the impeachment process against Trump. Republican members in the Senate voted in favor of impeachment against Trump, with just five in favor, which would have disappointed Biden. With the Republican Party’s new stance, Biden now doubts the success of impeachment. Therefore, he wants to remain with the Senate majority. Secondly, his move will save the Democratic Party from getting into the nitty-gritty.

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