Sweden will help India in making fighter planes

Following the virtual summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löwen on 05 March 2021, the bilateral relations of the two countries are seen as the beginning of a new era. Sweden will help India in making fighter planes.

Sweden will help India in making fighter planes

Question- How do you see the current relationship between India and Sweden?

Answer- Our bilateral relationship is historically strong. Originally, this relationship has so far flourished on the basis of business and investment. If we talk about the last decade, probably all the major manufacturing companies of Sweden have started working in India. Not only old, but new types of companies, start-ups, technology-based companies, small companies, service sector companies are also investing in India. The True-Caller is a good example of this collaboration. Constant discussions are taking place at the top level and travel to each other’s country is also taking place. We have been a long-time ally in the defense sector, we want to take it much further. Top leaders of both countries are talking about this.

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Question- Recently, there has been a Leadership Summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Loewen, what is the significance of this in the context of bilateral relations between the two countries?

Answer- I think the virtual meeting that took place last week should be seen as an example of very close relations between the two countries. Prime Minister Loewen visited India, after which Prime Minister Modi visited Sweden in 2018. The two leaders reviewed a joint action plan to guide bilateral relations. The plan is a roadmap to take our cooperation to a new height in eight key areas. It has many areas like Innovation, Trade, and Investment, Defense, Health, Smart Cities where future cooperation between the two countries has been identified.

Question- Cooperation in the health sector was mentioned by Prime Minister Modi in his speech at the summit, how will we proceed here?

Answer- There was a reference between the two leaders about AIIMS built-in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) which can be developed as a new health hub and Sweden can cooperate in it. We are particularly keen on the data being collected under Ayushman Bharat. This data can prove to be very important for those doing research in the health sector. It can prove to be the helpful inaccurate treatment of some diseases.

Question- Sweden is India’s old ally in defense sector, what else are we doing to take this cooperation forward?

Answer: Sweden and India have an old agreement for cooperation in the defense sector. Under this, we are talking about expanding our defense cooperation. Swedish company Saab wants to produce its fighter jet aircraft Gripen in India and this was also discussed at the summit. The Swedish government fully supports this proposal of the Saab company. We should also look at the part of Saab’s proposal in which he has talked about transferring technology to India, which is very important. It will be constructed hereunder Make in India, there is no doubt about it. Other arms manufacturers of Sweden are also very attracted to India and they are in talks. Sweden will help India in making fighter planes.

Question: A new kind of global alliance is emerging about the Indo-Pacific region, how does Sweden see?

Answer- Look, Sweden is part of the European Union and we have a common foreign policy. Although Sweden has been doing business in the Indo-Pacific region for quite some time. Swedish companies are doing business and investing with almost every country in the region. Our main concern is about peace and security. We want that the system of communication, trade, and commerce in this area should continue. Any change in this system will not be right. We want a rule-based and equal opportunity system for all. We will proceed with this only under the policy of the European Union, but if we try to change the existing legal system, then it is also a matter of concern for us.

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