Turkey to host Afghan conference, India also invited

Turkey to host Afghan conference, India also invited. Turkey announced on Tuesday that this month it would host a 10-day peace conference in Istanbul between the various struggling sides of Afghanistan. Turkey’s foreign ministry issued a statement saying that the conference would include representatives of the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan, as well as officials from Turkey, Qatar, and the United Nations. India has also been invited to this conference. The conference will take place from 24 April to 4 May.

Turkey to host Afghan conference, India also invited

The sudden announcement was made after a Taliban spokesman said on Monday that religious militias would not participate in this week’s peace conference in Turkey, which seemed to be hamstrung by the US effort for a peace plan. Turkey’s foreign ministry did not provide detailed information about the participants of the conference. It said that the purpose of the meeting is to expedite the inter-Afghan dialogue which is going on in Doha and to find an appropriate and permanent political solution. The United Nations said that the conference’s co-organizers support a sovereign, independent, and unified Afghanistan.

Joe Biden said – America will call all soldiers from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden said he planned to withdraw all US troops from war-torn Afghanistan by 11 September this year. According to officials, the US military will leave Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Turkey to host Afghan conference, India also invited.

The Trump administration had set a May 1 return date for the troops.

Let us tell you that on September 11, 2001, the twin tower was attacked in America. Earlier, Donald Trump’s administration had scheduled a May 1 withdrawal date for US troops after talks with the Taliban. Biden had been signaling for the past several weeks that he would allow the deadline to end, and as the days passed it became clear that the withdrawal of the remaining 2,500 troops would be difficult.

Former UK PM David Cameron breaks the silence on the lobbying scandal.

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