Under quad meeting India US Japan and Australia joined hands on the Indo-Pacific region

The date of March 12, 2021 is recorded in modern world history. In view of China’s growing aggressive attitude in the Indo-Pacific region, the first meeting of the heads of the Quad, an alliance between India, the US, Japan and Australia, was concluded on Friday, which was compared to diplomatically NATO (North Atlantic Trinity) in Paris in 1957. Organization) from its first meeting. The joint statement issued after the meeting stressed the need to make the Indo-Pacific region free, open, equal opportunity for all. It has special significance ..

Under quad meeting India US Japan and Australia joined hands on the Indo-Pacific region

Decide to form an expert group

It has been decided between the leaders of the four countries to form three separate expert groups to create the Corona vaccine, the use of state-of-the-art and sensitive technology, and to meet the challenges of climate change. The meeting on the virtual platform between PM Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Australia’s PM Scott Morrison, and Japan’s PM Yoshihide Suga and the joint statement issued thereafter indicates that the time has come for a new system in the world.

Avoiding taking the name of China

The meeting began with a brief speech by the four leaders. PM Modi has identified the quad as an important link in stabilizing the region and said that the four countries will now work more closely. During this period, Modi and the heads of the three countries avoided taking the name of China directly. However, the US President and the PM of Japan had a clear target on China.

The Indo-Pacific region should be open to all

The first point in the joint statement issued after the meeting was that the four countries would try to make the Indo-Pacific region free, open, equal opportunity for all, based on democratic values ​​and devoid of any kind of pressure. The joint statement said that in the Indo-Pacific and beyond, we are committed to creating uniform law and order and obeying international laws.

Emphasis on equal use of waterways

The joint statement also said that India, the United States, Japan, and Australia should allow all countries to use waterways and airways equally (in the context of the Indo-Pacific Ocean), settle disputes peacefully, and support each other. Supports respect for geographical sovereignty. The Quad’s assertion that it will promote democratic values ​​also has deep implications

Myanmar residents will be allowed to stay temporarily in the US by the Biden administration

Condemnation of military dictatorship in Myanmar

The statement talks about honoring UNCLOS rules for settling disputes related to maritime boundaries, which China has already rejected. The statement recently condemned the restoration of the military dictatorship in Myanmar and the dismissal of a democratic government. The four countries have decided to form a working group of experts regarding the Corona vaccine. The Quad Foreign Ministers will meet every year. Under quad meeting, India, US, Japan, and Australia joined hands on the Indo-Pacific region.

Joint statement reflects priority

Giving information about the meeting, Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla said that the decision to set up three expert committees on behalf of the four countries shows their priorities. India will participate in these three committees. He did not give a clear answer to the issue of encroachment in East Ladakh from China in the meeting.

… and became history

1- PM Modi’s first meeting with heads of US, Japan and Australia

2- The decision to form three groups on the corona vaccine, state-of-the-art technology and environment.

3- In a joint statement after the meeting, pledges to increase cooperation on the Indo-Pacific region

Important things of the meeting

1- After becoming President, Biden attended a meeting of more than two countries for the first time, which shows the seriousness of America about the Quad.

2- Modi and Biden first met on a platform (virtual). Biden and Modi have spoken on the phone twice since becoming president.

3- Individual meeting was also agreed between the four leaders this year. Can be met during the meeting of Group-7 countries to be held in Britain

4- Considering the ruin of Corona and the new security situation, a pledge was made for strong cooperation, which is an indication of extending the strategy beyond the Indo-Pacific region.

5- Mechanisms will be developed against current epidemics and future such challenges. Vaccine manufacturing and distribution will be an important part of it

Coalition not against any country

According to Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla, many global issues, as well as regional issues, have also been raised. But what are these issues, it is confidential. He also made it clear that India does not believe that the Quad alliance is against any country, rather it is for everyone. This is the reason why PM Modi has described it as an extension of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. However, there are no plans to expand the quad to include other countries.

Myanmar residents will be allowed to stay temporarily in the US by the Biden administration

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