US delivering Covid relief supplies worth 100 million USD to India

However, the second wave of Corona in India, however, has been uncontrollable. There is a lack of oxygen and medicines in the country. Due to this, the condition of patients in the country is deteriorating in hospitals. In such a situation, the US has put forth its hand to help India. Today, the first consignment of help from America is going to reach India. The United States is sending a full range of assistance of over 100 million US dollars to India in the coming days. It will have many other items including oxygen, medicines. Today the first batch of the aircraft is scheduled to reach India. US delivering Covid relief supplies worth 100 million USD to India.

US delivering Covid relief supplies worth 100 million USD to India

It has been informed by the White House of America that in the coming days the United States will provide COVID-19 relief materials worth more than the US $ 100 million to India. The White House said that the first flight carrying immediate health supplies to India would arrive there today. The US Agency for International Development flew from Travis Air Force Base, the world’s largest military aircraft, on Wednesday night.

What did the Indian Ambassador say in America?

Indian Ambassador to the US TS Sandhu said that this evening, the US C-5 aircraft, along with oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators and other necessary supplies, has flown in from California and is expected to land in Delhi. There will probably be more things like this that will be done.

He said that on April 26, President Biden spoke to PM Modi and expressed solidarity. The conversation was warm, positive, and fruitful. President Biden confirmed that the US is determined to support India’s efforts to stop the COVID epidemic. He said that he quickly deployed resources, including oxygen equipment, supplies, medical science, ventilators, and other important materials for vaccine manufacturing in India. Along with this, talks between the Indo-US foreign ministers and the NSA also took place. US delivering Covid relief supplies worth 100 million USD to India.

What is the help coming from America?

USAID said the shipment included 440 oxygen cylinders and regulators, which have been generously donated by the State of California. In addition, in this first flight, USAID is sending 960,000 rapid diagnostic tests to identify infections to help prevent the community spread of corona in India. In addition, 100,000 N95 masks were made to protect India’s frontline healthcare workers.

The first batch of American help will reach Delhi by tomorrow. Sources in the Ministry of External Affairs said that India is mainly seeking medicines like oxygen-enhancing machines or Remedisvir from abroad. PPE kits or masks are being provided by many countries on their behalf. India is openly accepting foreign help. In view of the need of India, some countries have proposed to set up large oxygen plants, but this is being considered in view of the difficulties of bringing them and setting them up here.

Delhi government has decided to provide free vaccines to everyone above 18 years of age.

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